The Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch (YBGR) in Billings, Montana, received a challenge donation of 5,000 dollars from Stockman Bank. The donation challenge was given in support of the Back to School Program 2022 for Yellowstone Academy(YA) students. 

Yellowstone Academy is a fully accredited school for grades K-12 on the campus of the YBGR, according to their press release. Students in the Residential Treatment Program attend Yellowstone Academy, as well as students in the Day School Program, which serves youth with special needs that need more assistance. Students in the day school program are bused daily to attend Yellowstone Academy classes.

The Yellowstone Academy Principal, Cass Cole, said around four out of five students in the program are low-income, and families may be unable to afford school supplies. “Our Back-to-School Campaign is to raise money so that every child at YA can have the tools they need to learn to grow,” Cole said. 

To supply children with back-to-school essentials, about 10,000 dollars is needed for more than 150 students in the academy. Stockman Bank, the most prominent family-owned bank in Montana, matches dollar-for-dollar donations of up to 5,000 dollars until September 2.

If you want to donate, they can be made online or over the phone by calling 406-656-8722. Donations can also be mailed to the Yellowstone Foundation at PO BOX 80807 in Billings, Montana 59102. When you donate, indicate that the gift is for the 2022 YA Back-to-School campaign.