The Billings Public Library Foundation is putting on their 17th annual Food for Thought event at the library Thursday, June 9. The event brings curious minds of those in the Montana community together and promotes a stimulating conversation on a multitude of topics. 

The evening starts with a reception dinner complete with delicious entrees, fine wine and dessert. A total of eight guests will be seated at each table and will be given a topic to discuss among one another during their meal. There will also be conversation experts monitoring each table.

Conversation leaders at the Food for Thought event include retired members of the Montana Supreme Court justice, local entrepreneurs, Montana historians and wine enthusiasts. 

When guests register for the event, they will be able to choose 3 intriguing topics they would like to be a part of. They will find out what subject they will be a part of the day of the event.  A subject expert and Billing Public Library Foundation supporter will dig into the topic chosen in a way that helps others learn and laugh.

Foundation Director for the Billings Public Library Foundation, Leslie Modrow, says the event is a great way to have intellectual conversations with others in the community.

“The whole thing is just about sitting, enjoying a meal and having a conversation on something that is important to you, or you’re interested in or you want to learn more about it.”

Modrow also says there will be twenty different topics to choose from, such as Montana history, beekeeping and the events happening in Ukraine. 

The library will close early at 5 pm on the day of the event and will be set up in one hour with the event starting at 6 pm. The library will be converted into a lovely dining area for the event.

For over 30 years, the Billings Public Library foundation ensures financial growth for the Billings Public Library through donations, endowments, and fundraising events. The foundation’s vision is to provide the community of Billings and Yellowstone county with the best resources in the library as well as innovative programs and services.  

The foundation’s current project is creating library express lockers to put around Billings. The express locker will allow 24 hour, 7 days a week access for others to pick up library material at a convenient location, rather than coming to the library downtown to pick it up.

If you plan on attending the event, be sure to get your topic choices in as soon as possible to assure being part of your conversations that interest you. Visit the Billings Public Library Foundations website to register or learn more information about the event.