The Workplace Giving Campaign from United Way runs until December and is a great opportunity for companies to become philanthropic leaders in Yellowstone County. 

Being a part of the Workplace campaign consists of an employee campaign coordinator, the link between employee donors, and United Way. They enable employees to help combat challenges facing our community through leadership, communication, and organization. The employee campaign coordinator also networks with colleagues from all levels and learns more about the community efforts of United Way of Yellowstone County (UWYC). 

Businesses that donate to this campaign can be assured that the funds stay in the community, helping to improve lives in Yellowstone County. In 2020, almost 700,000 dollars were raised, and over 2 million dollars have been given back to the community. The campaign is also a way for companies to address challenges facing our community, like homelessness, substance abuse, and dropout rates.

Employees learn about the needs in Yellowstone County and build experiences through volunteer opportunities year-round. One survey found that employees say it is important to work somewhere where the culture supports volunteer work and giving. Employees can also make donations through a payroll deduction through paper pledging or an online system. It is a way to give back to the community that many call home. It’s also a way to tap into volunteer opportunities at UWYC.

Kelsie Verlin is the Campaign and Communications coordinator for United Way of Yellowstone County. She says donations through the Workplace Giving Campaign go towards several in-house programs focusing on crisis stabilization, senior independence, and school readiness and success. The campaign also works to connect organizations and coalitions to tackle complex issues that some residents of Yellowstone County face.

The campaign runs for two to three weeks from September through December. The company interested in joining the campaign chooses the timeline that best serves them and the employees. Being a part of the Workplace campaign helps elevate the business’s brands and shows they are active members of the community.

With every dollar donated, .89 is given to United Way programs in Yellowstone County, 04 cents goes to operating costs, and .07 cents helps advance fundraising efforts. Each year, 94 employers, 700 employees, and over 1,200 donors helped to support local efforts in Yellowstone County. Help add on to the existing members by joining the Workplace Giving Campaign! 

Click here to learn more or to find out how your place of work can participate.