Cream-filled donuts can often be overlooked when thinking about donuts. But September 14 is their time to shine because it is National Cream Filled Donut Day! 

According to National Today, donuts originated in Europe when they were eaten as balls of baked dough that were sometimes filled with jam. Dutch colonists in 17th century New Amsterdam enjoyed olykoeks, which is translated to oily cakes. While it may not sound enticing, olykoeks were a customary treat for the Dutch. 

The origins of the first cream-filled donut are unknown, but the culinary treat became very popular in the middle of the 19th century. Charlotte cakes and other molded desserts enjoyed at the time that were filled with fruits like apricots and strawberries were replaced with cream. Fast forward to the 21st century, now there are plenty of variations of cream-filled donuts like strawberry, Boston cream, and more! Many baked goods stores center around donuts since they are enjoyed by so many. 

Celebrate the day by bringing a box of donuts to work that is sure to make your coworkers’ day. Or host a donut party with an entire assortment of different kinds of donuts; try a donut filled with cream or jelly. You can also enjoy classic ring-shaped donuts for anyone who does not enjoy donuts with cream inside. You can also try making your very own donuts and have someone test how delicious they are. Use the leftover dough to make donut holes with your favorite kind of cream inside.

Proof Donuts and Coffee will have special cream-filled donuts today. There will be a donut with a cheesecake filling and notes of citrus and a banana cream filled donuts with strawberries. There will also be an oreo cheesecake-filled donut as well. Stop by Proof today and grab a fresh donut and a coffee on your way to work.

Whether filled with cream or not, be sure to enjoy a donut in honor of the national holiday!