Lollipops serve as a nostalgic treat for all ages that usually come in fruity flavors and have coined nicknames like suckers or sticky pops. 

National Today says that in ancient times, it was common to candy nuts and fruits by glazing them in honey and putting them on a stick for easy eating. By the 17th century, the English began boiling sugar candy and inserting sticks inside the treat. An interesting fun fact: “lolly” means tongue in Northern England, and slap means pop. So lollipop also means tongue slap.

Lollipops began to take the world stage in the 1900s. McAviney Candy Company began making hard-boiled candies with enough left over to make a stick made entirely out of candy. George Smith, the owner of Bradley Smith Company, was given credit for trademarking the term “lollipop” in the 1930s and was nicknamed “dum dums,” so it would be easy for kids to say it. 

Mass production of lollipops started in Wisconsin from the Raine Confectioner’s Machinery Company, making 2,400 sticks an hour. Needless to say, the concept of lollipops has been around for quite some time and have been enjoyed by many for centuries.

Lollipops come in all shapes and sizes, so release your inner child and pick one up today! Take in the festivities by having a lollipop, or grab a few for your friends to enjoy too. Try any local candy shops in Billings, like Candy Town USA and the Candy Clubhouse.