Celebrate with your close friend (or friends) because June 8 is National Best Friends Day!

National Today says the day began in the mid-1930s and was officially established by the United States Congress in a hearing. Members chose June 8 because the weather was always lovely, making it a perfect day to have fun with friends outside.

With the change of time, the holiday has become celebrated more digitally. Individuals usually post pictures of their dearest friends on social media with a heartfelt caption. National Best Friends Day was even celebrated in New York Times Square thirteen years ago. Starbucks has a social media campaign encouraging employees to celebrate their ‘work best friend.’

Results from a survey by National Today show that out of 1,000 men and women, most participants consider their romantic partner as their best friend. Others said their best friend was one of their parents, animals, or siblings. The most common place survey takers said they met their best friend in grade school, followed by high school, middle school, and anything after high school and college.

Other parts of the world also dedicate a day to best friends. India celebrates their friendship day every first Sunday of August, and Columbia celebrates theirs on the second Saturday of March. July 20 is Friends Day in Spain, and Bolivia’s July 23. Finland celebrates its friend’s day on February 14, while people in the US celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Recognizing this day is entirely unique for best friends, but a few ideas could be simple, like hanging out at home with friends or going for a nice walk outside. Or make it a special occasion by having dinner at a nice restaurant. 

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