The holidays are filled with the hustle and bustle of people traveling to see loved ones. Packing your bags for a holiday may seem daunting, but here’s a list of travel essentials to help ease your mind.

Sky Scanner lists a few essentials to bring on vacation. The first is house keys. Nothing is worse than coming home from a vacation only to realize you don’t have your keys to get into your home. Put them somewhere safe and where you will easily remember where they are. Taking any daily medications is also a good idea; bring a few extras in case of unexpected delays. 

Chargers are also essential to bring; without them, you will have no way of charging your devices. Vacations may require bringing more than just a phone, like a laptop or a tablet. When packing for a winter destination, it is important to bring comfy clothes with plenty of layers.

Bring at least three pairs of thermal tops and leggings, two fleece jackets or jumpers, and four pairs of socks. Have a pair of shoes with a good grip, like a bear of hiking or snow boots.

Ski traveling must-haves include a neck warmer, ski gloves, and a pair of thermal gloves, depending on how cold it is. Other ski essentials include a waterproof ski jacket, snow pants, goggles, and a warm hat. Sunglasses can never hurt as well as sunscreen and SPF lip balm. 

The Travel also has a list of essentials for the holidays and says skin care products are one of the most essential things to pack for a vacation. If you are traveling somewhere cold in the winter, your skin can become very dry. Bring moisturizers and serum to ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout your trip. Another item to bring is disinfectant wipes, perfect for plain rides, especially during flu season. Vitamins are also important to bring on a trip, helping to keep the immune system strong and healthy while on vacation. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists several essentials to pack for any trip. Bring any medical supplies, such as an EpiPen, inhaler, glasses, or contacts. Those who have diabetes should bring testing supplies as well as insulin. Individuals with medical conditions should also bring a medical alert necklace or bracelet. 

Over-the-counter medications are also a good idea to bring while traveling. Medicines like antacids, antihistamines, or motion sickness medicine are a few examples. Decongestants, sleep aides, or pain and fever medications are also good to bring too. There are also several important documents to bring along on your trip, including your passport or travel document. You should also have a health insurance card or documents and a list of prescriptions taken on your trip. 

Having a list of hospitals or clinics near your destination is also a good idea. A contact card with the address, phone numbers, or email addresses of close family or friends is good, especially when traveling out of the country. 

For those traveling over the holidays, remember to stay safe and healthy when visiting those closest to you during the holidays.