Thunderstorms are coming to Billings in the next few days. Most of us can handle the noise of thunder without too much issue. However, dogs often don’t fare as well. To help you prep for the upcoming thunderstorm, we’ve compiled tips on how to keep dogs in your household calm.

1. Make a safe indoor space for your dog.

Finding a place indoor where a dog can feel safe an secure is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog calm during a storm. Crates, bathrooms, and closets are all good options. Dogs can run away if left outside during a storm. If they need to go outside, be sure you are supervising them. (Source:

2. Play other noise to help drown out the thunder.

Music, TV, and white noise can all help the dog focus on other noises than the thunder outside. There are certified veterinary behaviorists who have stated classical music is a good relief for scared pets. (Source:

3. Try different shirts and wraps to help calm the dog.

Compression shirts and vests like the Thundershirt provide a gentle pressure to dogs. This can often have a calming effect, making it easier for the dog to make it through the thunderstorm calmly. (Source:

4. Distract Your Dog

Keeping your dogs attention away from the thunderstorm can make it easier for them to deal with it. Playing fetch, tug-of-war, or a new chewable toy/treat. Even just sitting with your dog can giving them gentle pets can help keep them calm. (Source:

5. Talk to your veterinarian.

Sometimes a dog’s anxiety is too strong to be dealt with conventional means. If you’ve tried all of the options above to no avail, then it may be time to contact your vet. Your vet may be able to offer you more personalized advice based on what they know about your pet. They may also prescribe anxiety medication for your dog, like gabapentin, to help them make it through the storm. (Source: