Fans of chocolate will love the chance to celebrate National Chocolate Candy Day, observed on December 28.

According to National Today, chocolate used to be a delicacy enjoyed only by the wealthy, but nowadays, anyone can enjoy this delicious treat! In fact, Americans spent more than 20 billion dollars on candy in 2017. In one year, Americans eat an average of 11 pounds of chocolate

Milton Hershey is responsible for creating an affordable chocolate candy bar, or a Hershey Bar. By the end of World War II, the Hershey Chocolate Company was mass-producing 24 million ration bars weekly. This candy bar has become a fan favorite for many Americans and soon came the bite-sized Hershey kisses, with over 20 million being made daily. 

There are roughly three different types of chocolate: dark, milk, and white. But many people create their own variations of chocolate candy. In Mexico, the cacao bean, one of the main ingredients in chocolate, is typically enjoyed as a chocolate drink. Chocolate bars in Mexico are minimally processed to keep the health benefits of cacao, resulting in a gritty, rustic texture. The bars and drinks usually have add-ins like honey, cinnamon, and chiles.

National Chocolate Candy Day is enjoyed by many, but we can’t forget why so many people live this treat! For many, chocolate makes them feel happy, and some studies have even shown that chocolate can temporarily reduce feelings of depression or anxiety. It also gives others an excuse to dig into all the chocolates they received during Christmas. Chocolate can even be good for you! Dark chocolate offers many health benefits since it contains soluble fiber and antioxidants. But remember, while chocolate is indeed delicious, it should be enjoyed in moderation. 

How can you celebrate National Chocolate Candy Day? Easy! Indulge in a sweet, chocolatey treat. Or give someone you love the gift of chocolate. Make your own chocolate candies today from home! You can add in things like peanut butter and caramel; the possibilities are endless! You can always hit up a local candy store, like Brockel’s Chocolates, located in downtown Billings.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, be sure to celebrate the joys of chocolate!