If you’re looking for an adventure safe for kids, check out these easy hiking trails in Montana this summer! Onlyinyourstate has a few trails in mind that are less than a mile long. 

Explore a site full of wonder at the Pictograph Cave State Park Trail just outside of Billings. The sites used to be the home of prehistoric hunters, with more than 100 pictographs and rock paintings that are at least a thousand years old. The oldest rock art in the park is over 2,000 years old. The first discovery of the area was in the late 1930s and became a designated historical landmark in 1964. The Pictograph State Park Trail is a great place to explore and learn about prehistoric Montana history. 

Another trail less than a mile long is Kootenai Falls Trail near Troy. The trail takes about 20 minutes to finish, with a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail. The trail is easy to find, well-marked, and features a parking lot close to the trailhead. Eastern Montana’s Mikoshiak State park has a kid-friendly hike called the Diane Gabriel Trail. The trail is named after a paleontologist who did a substantial amount of research in the park. Kids can see dinosaur fossils throughout the park and explore the Montana badlands. 

Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park is another great trail with a raised boardwalk that makes it easy for the kids and wheelchair accessible. Explore skyscraping trees and the beautiful Lake Mcdonald valley in this enchanting forest hike. Glacier National Park has other kid-friendly trails, such as the Running Eagles Falls Trail or St. Mary and Virginia Falls trail. 

The summer months are hte perfect time to sightsee these trails with the whole family! Plan ahead and check for weather conditions before going to any of these places.