Steve Rinella and his ‘MeatEater’ crew will take to the Alberta Bair Stage on Tuesday, May 3rd.

The press release from the Alberta Bair Theater says Rinella’s stage appearance is part of a launch of his new book titled Outdoor kids in an inside world: Getting your family out of the house and radically engaged with nature. 

After two years since a live show, Rinella says he is excited to be back launching his brand new book. Other crew members from the MeatEater will accompany Rinella, including Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Ryan Callaghan, and Spencer Neuharth. 

The crew will talk about a number of different topics, like lessons they have learned from living in the wilderness. They will also talk about things like fishing, hunting, wild game, and parenting stories. 

Rinella, who is originally from Montana, has written several other books focusing on hunting, fishing, wild game cooking, and more. He is also the host of MeatEater, an original series on Netflix. He is also the host of the MeatEater podcast. 

Sensitive viewers should be warned that there will be a fleshing demonstration of raccoons and beavers during the show. Those who attend will receive a signed book of Rinella’s new book and participate in a trivia contest. There will also be opportunities to win special prizes! 

Tickets can be purchased at the Alberta Bair box office or by calling 406-256-6052.