A mobile vet clinic providing free services for homeless pets in vulnerable communities is coming to Montana. The ElleVet Project is a national nonprofit that works with cities in the US to provide proper vet care for at-risk animals. 

The Ellevet Project travels and provides services in a 32 ft. RV named the Ellevan. Community-based sponsors help to donate supplies and provide assistance from local professionals. Many different services are available, including emergency services, vaccines, deworming, and general check-ups.

Traveling to vulnerable communities in the United States allows homeless pets and animals to get the proper care they need. The ElleVet Project will be traveling to the following locations in Montana: 

  • Crow Reservation in Wyola on Aug. 8
    • Parked in the parking lot next to the post office
  • Crow Park in the Crow Agency on Aug. 9
    • Parked near the office of the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch
  • The Northern Cheyenne Reservation on Aug.10
    • Parked on 4th St. and Cheyenne Ave.
    • Next to the Cheyenne Depot
  • Billings and Lockwood on Aug. 11
    • at North Park on 6th Ave. N. in Billings
    • Parked on the side of the road next to the soccer field

The ElleVet Project is a branch of ElleVet Sciences and was developed in 2020 to respond to COVID-19 since those who were homeless had even fewer resources for themselves and their pets. The project officially began in April of 2022. 

“Our efforts these past few years have taught us first-hand how helping a pet can change their owner’s life for the better both emotionally and physically,” said CEO and ElleVet Project co-founder Christian Kjaer.

The project is set to travel to other cities such as Seattle, Boston, and New York. Click here to learn more information ElleVet Project or donate to their efforts.