While breaking floods occurred last month, The Billings Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday it is holding a day-long 2022 Ag Flood Tour on August 3. 

The tour aims to show others in neighboring communities how agricultural infrastructure and operations were impacted by the unprecedented flooding in June that affected many rural Montana communities in Carbon and Stillwater county. 

According to Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate, flooding can affect agriculture in a few ways. One is oxygen depletion from stagnant, warm flood waters and crops that have been underwater for too long. Erosion and soil displacement are possible too, which can ruin crops and fields and wash away the topsoil leaving no place for crop plants to set their roots. Flood debris can also drown or destroy crops. Weed growth is also possible since floodwaters washing in can disperse weed seeds and slow crop growth.

The tour stops will go over concepts vital to agriculture, such as irrigation systems, livestock, and farmland, to name a few. The tour’s purpose is to show others firsthand how drastic flood impacts can be for the agriculture industry and have economic setbacks for neighboring communities like Billings. 

Another goal of the AG tour is to start relief efforts for those in agriculture severely impacted by the flood. Unprecedented environmental events like floods can also raise awareness on the state and federal levels so they can help where they can.  

The Ag Flood Tour is free; those interested must sign up before 5 p.m. on July 26. Click here to sign up.