Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks announced Friday that they request public comment for several new proposals going to the Fish and Wildlife Commission in October. The news release said public comment on the proposals is available until September 22.

Six proposals are included that seek public comment, the first being easement at the Danford Pond Conservation Easement at no cost. The proposal includes the construction of a new parking and wildlife viewing area. Another proposal involves changes in fishing regulations for the 2022-2023 season. 

Hunting regulations at the Bad Rock Canyon Wildlife Management Area is another proposal that includes transitioning the area to limited access permits only. There is also a proposal to approve a new deer management action plan for the city of Havre. The proposal contains strategies for the effective removal of urban deer. 

Another proposal includes recommendations for Elk Management 2023 in areas with high numbers of brucellosis. The management plan would be different from 2022 and explore new hazing techniques and fencing to reduce the possibility of elk entering high-risk areas. This proposal would also remove the 2,500 annual cap on fencing material. It would also allow elk management tools within certain areas that have brucellosis confirmed elk. 

The final proposal is for grazing lease renewal at the Fleecer Mountain Wilderness Management area in region 3. The proposal involves a nine-year lease term, starting in May 2023. This proposal could help achieve habitat objectives and benefit local livestock producers. It also includes cash grazing and EOU leases. 

The Fish and Wildlife Commission can offer amendments to each proposal. Information for each proposal will be collected until October 6. The commission will make the final decisions for hte proposals on October 30