Bill SB 419 has just passed the Montana Senate, banning Tiktok from being listed on Mobile Application Stores within the state. The bill cited dangerous viral trends, data and privacy concerns, and the national security issues as the reason for the ban.

We will be answering common questions about the bill, how it will be enacted, and how it will affect the average Montanan.

When will the ban begin?

The ban will begin on January 1st, 2024. This means TikTok can still downloaded on Mobile App Stores in Montana until the end of the year.

What does the law ban?

Violations under this law include if a user accesses Tiktok, is offered the ability to access Tiktok, or is offered the ability to download Tiktok.

Will I be breaking the law if I use TikTok or have TikTok installed on my phone when the ban begins?

There is no penalty in the bill for users of Tiktok.

Can law enforcement take my phone or force me to remove Tiktok?

There is nothing in the bill that criminalizes the use of Tiktok. There is also nothing in the law that allows law enforcement to seize devices with Tiktok installed.

Will Tiktok still work on my phone if I have it downloaded before the ban?

According to Google Play Help, Apps removed from the Google Play Store store will remain on your phone. However, they will no longer receive updates, including security and performance updates. The Apple App Store has a similar policy.

Will I be able to download TikTok from places other than Mobile App Stores?

According to How-To Geek, apps can be “side-loaded” into a phone, which means they are installed without the use of an app store. However, side-loaded apps don’t have the same quality control measures required for Mobile App stores. This means side-loaded apps can be malware risks for your phone.

In addition, any entity, app store or otherwise, that allows Tiktok to be downloaded in Montana, will be in violation of the ban.

What is the punishment for violating the ban?

Entities that violate the ban will be fined. They’ll be fined $10,000 for each violation and $10,000 each day the violation continues

Will I still be able to download or use Tiktok in other states?

There are currently no bans on TikTok in other states.

This is a developing story, this article will be updated once new information is announced.