Last week, Montana had 28 large active wildland fires in the state. The National Interagency Fire Center reported on Sunday that there are currently 24 active wildfires in Montana, totaling 58,000 acres of land burned. 

The largest wildfire in Montana appears to be the Trail Ridge Fire northwest of Wisdom, Montana. The fire is over 17,000 acres and is 65% contained. The estimated containment date is October 31. Crews are moderating fire behavior and implementing fire suppression as needed. A cool, dry weather pattern is expected for the week. 

The Indian Ridge Fire is over 8,000 acres and is 0% contained. Trail closures are in place for the area. Protection efforts are underway for infrastructures along the west and south corridors. Low to moderate fire behavior and spread are being exhibited. Cool, wet conditions minimize fire behavior in the area. Weather outlooks for the week are expected to be cool and wet, followed by warm and dry conditions for the rest of the week. 

The Bull Gin Complex fire consisting of three fires is expected to have burned around 4,200 acres of land and is 36% contained. A report from the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 2 says that the fire in the complex continues to creep and smolder toward fire lines as expected due to firefighting efforts and cool, wet behavior. Efforts in containing the Government fire in the complex are focusing on mopping up along the southern boundary, especially near private residences. An excavator will come in for advanced road repair along the fire’s west boundary.

Efforts at the BIlliard fire include suppression repair and mop-up, with an excavator coming in to do road repair work for the next week. Fellers chopped down hazardous trees to clear debris from culverts. Crews working on the Isabella fire removed the structure wrap from a bridge near the area of the fire on Saturday.
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