Montana is home to several places that some have considered haunted and make for tourist hotspots. Only in your state has a list of some of the most haunted places in Montana. 

Virginia City houses one of the most haunted buildings in the town, the Bonanza Inn. Tourists can stay at this haunted spot, and some have reported being poked or pinched during their stay. One of the rooms at the Bonanza Inn, Room 1, is also notorious for ghost sightings.

Another haunted spot is near Bozeman, Montana, at the Bear Canyon Campground. Bear Canyon is a great place to camp…. that is, as long as you do not see any ghosts. Some campers recall witnessing the spirit of a young girl in a white dress that attempts to lure women off hiking trails and into the woods.

One of the most well-known haunted places is in Deer Lodge at the old Montana Territorial Prison, now known as the Old Prison Museum. The building housed prisoners for almost 100 years until the 1970s. It was supposedly a miserable place with overcrowding and poor food quality. Several murders occurred inside the prison when it was in use, and there was also a colossal riot that occurred in 1959. Employees and visitors have reported hearing eerie noises while touring the prison, and some have felt sensations of being touched and even choked.

Boulder, Montana is home to the Boulder Hot Springs Inn & Spa and is considered a historical landmark. The spot is also home to a few paranormal sightings. Some guests have heard strange male voices heard throughout the property. There is also a well-known ghost who appears named Simone, a prostitute killed by a mining executive long ago. 

The Lobby Bar in Great Falls is known as the most haunted bar in Montana. Paranormal investigators say the bar is home to at least 20 spirits. Visitors may experience sudden cold chills and taps on the shoulder even though no one is around. Several employees and guests say they have seen glasses falling off shelves for no reason and even actual ghost sightings.

For paranormal enthusiasts, be sure to tread lightly when exploring these haunted spots in Montana!