The National Alliance on Mental Illness, also known as NAMI, is the largest mental health organization in the United States, helping many individuals who suffer from a mental health condition to live their lives more comfortably. 

NAMI advocates for providing better access to mental health services and bringing more awareness to the many avenues of mental health. It also helps build a community for those who need help in their area. 

NAMI Billings is an affiliate with the organization created over twenty years ago, helping volunteer leaders raise awareness in the community about mental health disorders. NAMI Billings provides educational resources and support groups for people with mental conditions and their loved ones. The mental health services in NAMI Billings are also free to attend. 

The organization offers different classes for people, like the family-to-family course, a free eight-week program for friends and family of someone with a mental health condition. The program is held in a group setting which helps provide mutual support for others through sharing experiences and hearing their stories. Group members learn about mental illnesses and how it affects the brain. They also learn things like current mental health treatments and handling situations when dealing with a crisis. 

There are also peer-to-peer classes, another eight-week program for people with mental health conditions. Each session is taught by a trained advisor living in recovery. The peer-to-peer classes help others learn how to communicate with mental health providers and create a personalized relapse prevention plan. The courses also help others gain confidence in decision-making and reduce stress. All of this is covered while surrounded by others who can relate to one another.

Both of these classes require registering in order to attend the course. For more information about Billings NAMI services, visit their website or call 406-256-2001