Happy National Chocolate Eclair Day! Celebrate this famous french pastry so many enjoy and learn about how this treat came to be. 

National Today says eclairs were created by a man named Antonin Careme, a French chef from the 19th century. When his parents abandoned him during the French Revolution, young Antonin found work as a kitchen boy to earn a living. Years later, he became an apprentice for Jean Sylvain Baily, a french pastry chef. Antonin went on to become a talented chef making his own creations.

Some bakeries in the United States sell Long Johns as eclairs but are made differently. Long johns are made from donut pastry dough and are usually filled with custard or pudding. Eclairs are made out of a special pastry dough called pate a choux and are usually filled with some sort of cream. Eclairs are also much more challenging to make since it requires detail and expertise. 

Chocolate eclairs are not the only flavor they come in: the french pastry comes in a variety of fruity, floral, and sweet flavors. Celebrate National Chocolate Eclair day by stopping into a local bakery and purchasing one (or several). You could also try making your own eclair. While making eclairs can be an extensive process, it may be worth trying out and adding in flavors you enjoy. If you purchase an eclair today, try a different flavor like white chocolate, raspberry, and lemon. 

Above all, make sure to indulge in one of these sweet treats today! If you are not a fan of eclairs, make it a day dedicated to trying one of hte many different types of French pastries.