Today is National Gummi Bear Day! Celebrate by opening up a bag of them and learning about the origins of this tasty bite-sized treat. 

National Calendar Day says gummi bears have been around for 100 years thanks to Hanz Riegel. Hanz Riegel is the founder of famous candy company, Haribo, whose products are built on quality and little moments of joy. Two years after creating the company in 1920, Riegel created the world’s first gummy bears, naming them gold bears.

The name Haribo is an acronym based on the founder’s name and the town he was born in near Bonn, Germany. According to Haribo’s official website, products including gummi bears are sold in over 100 countries across the globe including Ireland, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Gold bears come in five flavors including lemon, raspberry, pineapple, orange, and strawberry. 

Haribo celebrated 100 years of gummi bears by unveiling the new blue raspberry gold bear. The company also produces sour gummy bears, a sweet change-up to America’s favorite candy.

You can observe this day by purchasing gummi bears and giving them to friends and family as gifts. You can also use #NationalGummiBearDay on social media to see how others are celebrating and share your story on what makes gummi bears so special for you. 

Make your day a little sweeter by celebrating this gummy candy that is a childhood favorite for many people. Not a fan of gummi bears? Then this is the perfect day to stop by a local candy store and pick up your favorite candy to participate in festivities!