The first flight made ground on the new concourse A at the Billings – Logan International airport Wednesday morning. Passengers could explore the new terminal expansion and see all the space that came with it. 

The press release from the city of Billings says the morning was a bit chaotic. Kevin Ploehn, the airport director, said their plan seemed like it would work out.

“The plan that we implemented to get the airlines operating at the new Concourse A was to launch all of the morning flights from the old B concourse and then start moving the airline’s equipment and terminal seating from the old B concourse to the new A concourse and try to get everything set up for the noon airline bank,” Pleohn said. 

The superintendent of airport facilities, Mark Evangeline, said they started to see holes in the plan amidst the chaos. Another issue in the way was terminal seating for the new expansion that showed up one day before the opening.  Leaving no time to get them set up, Ploehn said they decided to use the new seating they already had set up and use seats from the old concourse B to make sure everyone that came was able to sit. 

“Even though it was a crazy morning, by afternoon things were humming along close to normal. Soon we will be focusing on the next phase of construction, and the construction and opening of Concourse A will be in the rear-view mirror,” Ploehn adds.

Construction for the new concourse B starts after the demolition of the old concourse B, which should start in August. Ploehn said the cost of both projects was about $ 34,000,000. The whole project should be finished in roughly two years.