A new construction project for Underpass Avenue in south central Billings, Montana, beginning in spring 2023, aims to improve traffic operations and safety at two intersections. The Underpass Avenue – Billings project will include the reconstruction of two intersections: 6 Street West and Underpass and State Avenue.

Lisa Olmstead, project Public Involvement Manager, says the underpass is notorious for flooding during storms. This project will address this issue by creating a new drainage system, pump, and stormwater detention pond. The mural underneath the underpass will be preserved during construction. The Underpass Avenue project in Billings will also incorporate new lighting, traffic signals, and upgraded signage to enhance intersections, promoting accessibility and safety. There will also be an improved pedestrian facility for the project. 

Improvements for Underpass Avenue and State Avenue include additional lanes on Underpass Avenue, pedestrian improvements, and new lighting under the MRL bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians. It will also include dual southbound left turns from 6 St. W., a relocated pumphouse, and new storm drain inlets. Improvements for 6th Street West and Central Avenue include new lighting and dual northbound left turns from 6 St. W. Other project improvements include a connection to the recent city of Billings project and a full lane from the Laurel Road Westbound ramp to Moore Lane.

Text updates will be available once the project begins, making it convenient to be aware of construction updates to find alternate routes to their destination. Text UPASS to 833-648-0322 to sign up for future updates.