February 11th, 2023 is going to be an active, energetic day for one of Montana’s most famous national monuments, Pompeys Pillar. To start the coming Saturday off with some historical significance, February 11th marks the 218th birthday of Pomp Charbonneau – the man whose name is attached to the monument. In celebration of this birth, and of Pompeys Pillar itself, non-profit organization Friends of Pompeys Pillar, which supports the national monument, is hosting a free, open-to-the-community open house and art exhibit on February 11th from 2-4 pm. The celebratory event will be held behind Evergreen Ace Hardware at 1523 14th Street West. Please do not go to Pompeys Pillar as it is closed for the season.

Local artist John Potter’s paintings of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery will be featured at the event. Guests will also be offered, on behalf of Friends of Pompeys Pillar, refreshments, free posters, educational material, children’s activities, and of course casual conversation centered around Pomp Charbonneau’s background and relation to Montana’s history. The official press release for the February 11th event notes that RSVPs are appreciated though not required and can be submitted via Pompeys Pillar Historical Association Facebook page.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument is a very special part of local history, and we wanted to celebrate that by reviving the tradition of holding birthday parties for Pomp Charbonneau.  I am also eager to see new faces, as well as longtime volunteers and supporters, as we have added a number of upgrades over the past few years and are excited to share that information with the community.  We welcome everyone to stop by our Billings office on Saturday and enjoy a piece of cake, a beautiful exhibit of paintings, wonderful conversation about this beautiful National Monument, and ways to get involved by visiting, volunteering, or supporting the Pillar.”

– Heather Torrence, Friends of Pompeys Pillar Director

For any questions or general inquiries, email info@pompeyspillar.org.