In the world of Warhammer, “WAUGH” is what the green beastlike Orks yell when going into battle. It’s also what over 50 Warhammer fans yelled when the new Official Warhammer store opened in the Rimrock mini-mall. Across the street from Rimrock Mall, the store carries miniatures, books, and board games featuring Warhammer characters and stories.

Laura, one Warhammer fan from Sheridan, brought her kids to the opening. This was the first Official Warhammer store she had been to. When asked what they were most excited about, one of her kids brought up Squigs (Small red creatures with a gaping maw of teeth). Others traveled from as far as Butte to attend to the store opening.

There are a few stores in Billings who already sell Warhammer products and hold Warhammer events. But this is the first Official Warhammer store in the state of Montana. The closest locations other than Billings are Salt Lake City and Boise. That means hardcore fans will be willing to drive from hundreds of miles away to get access to the exclusive products available at this store.

For the opening, the store offered gifts for people who spend a certain amount of money on Warhammer. A few people could be seen walking out of the store with Warhammer backpacks, which are only available for folks who spend $300 or more.

For people who are looking to get into the hobby, the store features free hands-on classes for building, painting, and playing games using Warhammer miniatures. These are held every Thursday and Sunday. Competitive games will be held Friday and Saturday. Every month the store also offers a new free miniature to customers.