United States President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address to members of Congress at the nation’s capitol and to millions of viewers worldwide this past Tuesday night. A highly anticipated address for Democrats and Republicans alike, Joe Biden spoke for just over an hour while touching on a variety of topics that Americans are currently facing, have faced, and will face in the future. From economic struggles and successes to administrative achievements in infrastructure and in medical and pharmaceutical efforts to border concerns and abortion rights and advocacy, President Biden had no shortage of remark. Of course, as is only natural in political dialogue, some – especially Democratic party representatives – were pleased while others – you guessed it, Republican representatives – were not. This was apparent on the live broadcast coverage by the recurring ovations, lasting cheers, and by the heckling and occasional uproars.

The President was, regardless of political division, respectably energetic and encouragingly optimistic. “Let’s finish the job” and sentiments on congressional cooperation and attitude beamed his expectation and obvious desire for governmental unity – an idea many will agree is particularly evasive in contemporary America. He was empathetic, too. With invited guests present to highlight the issue at hand, President Biden expressed a genuine depth for current tragedies facing the country: law enforcement and criminal violence and drug-related epidemics like the surging rate of fentanyl overdoses.

Biden admirably maintained his position and indeed his presence as leader of the free world even – perhaps especially – when confronted with disruptive, at times aggressive jousting and outbursts from his congressional opponents. A telling highlight from the State of the Union address in this regard was the multiplicity of glances and silent hushes given to those outbursts and disruptors by house speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Aside from sparring cries of disagreement and aside from natural Democratic-inspired embellishments, such as greatly exaggerating the number of jobs created during his presidency, President Joe Biden did exactly as he is meant to do – inspire and encourage and validate hope for Americans. Whether this hope is tangible or whether it is substance-less remains to be seen, but meanwhile our President is, quite evidently, focused on our country and its foreseeable, hopeful future.