Over 100 volunteers gathered at the Rimrocks Saturday morning for the tenth annual Refresh the Rims project from 9:30 am to 11:30 am! According to the press release, six groups spanned the length of the rims and met at their assigned location, working as a team to pick up trash and debris.

The official logo for the 10 annual Refresh the Rims project (Photo Credit: City of Billings).

The project is one of the largest organized cleanups of the rims for the entire year. This year Refresh the Rims project had a fully booked volunteer list. Considering the event’s popularity, pre-registration was required to participate. Cleanups happened west of the Billings airport down to the 6th Avenue bypass. Volunteers who participated got a free 2022 Refresh the Rims Project for a job well done. 

Billings’ favorite landmark now looks clean and healthy for others in the community to enjoy. 

The project comes from a partnership with Montana State University Billings Outdoor Adventure Leadership program and the Billings Parks and Recreation Department. Equipment for the project was provided by the Billings Parks and Recreation Department. The department was also in charge of volunteer coordination and event support. 

The Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program gives students attending MSUB the chance to cultivate outdoor leadership skills in a group through leading the volunteer groups while making a positive impact in the Billings Community.