Adventure Scuba hosted a Scuba Petting Zoo in the Community Room of the Billings Public Library on Thursday. 

Guests were able to see and try on the equipment used for underwater scuba diving. The event also had VR headsets others could put on to get a firsthand look at what it is like being underwater without even getting wet. Dan Bakker, the owner of Adventure Scuba, had a presentation about all things scuba, showing how all the equipment is used and brought footage of the places he had previously scuba-dived. Bakken dived in several areas of Montana like the Big Horn Canyon, Glacier National Park, and the spires in Yellowstone National Park. 

The Scuba Petting zoo was a great interactive experience for all ages, and people could learn about a regular day in the life of a scuba diver. The event also fits perfectly with the theme at Billings Public library for the summer, oceans of possibilities. 

Adventure Scuba has been in the Billings Community for the last 26 years, offering PADI scuba diving classes for all diving levels. They also have the Discover Scuba experience, where individuals can try scuba diving before entering actual bodies of water. The next Discover Scuba is at 6 pm on Thursday, July 28, at Rose Park pool. The money from signup fees for the class goes to Billings Parks and Recreation. Those interested in registering for the class can do so here.

Adventure Scuba also takes scuba diving tips that others are welcome to join. Their next destination is in October, when they will go to the Philippines and Cayman-Brac in February 2023. Visit Adventure Scuba’s website for a complete list of the company’s classes and activities year-round.