The grand opening for the Shamrock Foods Warehouse drew a huge crowd Wednesday morning, complete with a barbecue, food trucks, and special savings new customers received in honor of the opening. There were also samples of numerous products at the warehouse.

The Shamrock Foods team welcomed those who came to the event and got to know others from the Billings heights community. Several people spoke during the opening ceremony event, starting with the Senior Director for the Shamrocks Food Company spoke at the event to commemorate the 11th food warehouse in the United States. The CEO and Chairman for Shamrock Foods, Kent Mclelland, talked about the sense of community in Billings and how the food warehouse is the perfect addition to that community. Mclelland is also the third generation of the family who founded the Shamrock Foods company. 

Mclelland also awarded Sheryle Shandy, the CEO of the Billings Food Bank, 2,000 dollars to support the community food bank. Community members can also donate to the food bank through June 25, collected at the front of the food warehouse. Shandy says small businesses and heights citizens are happy to have this kind of store close to home instead of driving to the other end of town to get food and other products.

City Councilmember for the heights, Jennifer Owen, also spoke during the ceremony, welcoming the Shamrock Foods company to Billings and what it means for the heights community. “This Shamrock Foods store represents what the heights wants most: quality of life amenities right here in our own neighborhood,” Owen says. She also mentioned the beginning construction for the final phase of the Inner Belt Loop project, connecting the heights to the west end of Billings. 

Yellowstone County Commissioner Denis Pitman was the last speaker at the event and expressed his gratitude for the store, which gives heights business the opportunity to grow thanks to the store. The grand opening concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Kent Mclelland and Sheryle Shandy. 

The Shamrock Foods Warehouse caters to small businesses, helping replenish products as they need and providing high-quality food products for businesses and the general public.