The Lewistown Area Restrictions Group announced Wednesday that Phillips County is under Stage 1 fire restrictions affecting August 5, 2022, at midnight. 

According to the press release, Stage 1 fire restrictions were implemented by county commissioners for all county and private land on August 1. Stage 1 fire restrictions prohibit the use of campfires unless in established concrete or metal fire rings in recreation areas. It also prohibits smoking inside an enclosed area, such as a car, building, or other enclosed areas on a recreation site. It is also allowed to smoke in a 3-foot diameter area, away from flammable vegetation. 

Restrictions can be exempted if a person with a written permit is authorized to perform the prohibited act or under unique agency and tribe exemptions. Other exemptions include federal, state, and local officers or members of an organized rescue mission or firefighting force on duty. Restrictions are also exempted in areas where written notices in areas show the activity is designated. It is also allowed for a person to use a device that uses LPG fuels or liquid petroleum and can turn on and off. This exemption is only allowed in areas away from burnable materials within three feet of the device.

Other Counties under stage one fire restrictions include Musselshell, Big Horn, and Yellowstone. Visit the Montana fire information website for a list of restrictions for each county.