The Spring Home Improvement Show is just around the corner! With more than 600 exhibits to choose from, the Home Improvement Show is a great way to discover innovative household products and services.

Many Billings locals are familiar with the catchy jungle associated with the event that has gained so much popularity over the years. The Hedine family created and currently manages the home improvement show.

While the event is known for being one of the largest home trade shows in a five-state area, the home show did not start out this way.

The Home Improvement Show started almost 40 years ago at the Rimrock mall with about 90 exhibits to explore. Three years later, the show moved to the Holiday Inn Trade Center and expanded to 175 exhibits. 

As it became more popular, the show continued at the trade center and also expanded to the Ramada Inn Convention Center with over 200 exhibits to choose from.The show then moved to the expo center at Meta Park upon being built. At this point, there were about 450 exhibits for the show.

Last year, the Home Improvement Show saw more than 30,000 people come out and see all the products and services the event had to offer.

The evolution of this event shows the economic growth Billings has gone through and is continuing to experience. There is even a wait list of potential exhibitors wishing to promote their business at the event.

The event starts the first weekend of March with free admission and free parking.