She’s known as Yami. And Yami operates the Queen of Hearts Card Club situated within the Crystal Lounge in downtown Billings. When asked, what differentiates your cardroom from others in Billings? Yami responded, “The game here is consistent. We are open seven days a week. … We are seen as clean. Also as respectful [of others].”

Indeed, the Queen of Hearts Card Club is consistent; an active, live “3-6” limit Texas Hold’em game is available each day of the week after 4 pm. It also has explicit rules and guidelines for players, including being respectful while seated at the table, not swearing, and imploring a fun atmosphere. These guidelines are well-followed by card players, regulars and newcomers alike. Employees at the Queen of Hearts Card Club, notably the dealers, are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They carry state-issued dealing licenses, too.

If you find yourself looking for a card game in Billings, or if you happen to be downtown one evening, check out the Queen of Hearts Card Club located in the Crystal Lounge at the corner of 1st Avenue North and Broadway. You will be welcomed and comfortable. And if you get a seat at the table, your first drink is on the house.