With the first day of summer starting Tuesday, now is a great time to redecorate your house for the season! The Billings National Weather Service predicts that next week will have temperatures between the 60s to high 70s, making it the perfect time to “summer-fy” your home. 

House Beautiful has several ideas to get your home ready for summer. Here are a few tips to help get you started: 

Keep colors light 

Incorporating white or other light colors inside your home makes the space look airy and inviting. Customize it to your liking and maybe add a pop of color like yellow, pink, or blue to your living space.

Switch to lighter bedding

Hotter temperatures mean heavier bedding is less needed. Swap your bedding with linens for a breezier look over the summer. White or neutral tones are great to keep the space light or go with a light green or blue if you want a little more color in the bedroom.

Outdoor furniture

With the weather heating up, set up furniture outdoors near a shady spot to keep yourself cool. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or have dinner outside with friends and family during warm summer nights. You could also set up a picnic table to make a designated area to have dinner parties outside. 

Backyard Firepit

If you have space, install a fire pit in your backyard for the summer. Firepits are the perfect place for roasting marshmallows or gazing into the starry sky. Set up a few lawn chairs around the firepit and add pillows to make the space look even more comfortable. You can purchase Firepits and lawn chairs at your go-to home appliance store. 

Florals and Citrus

When decorating your home for the summer, incorporate citrus and florals into areas of the house. A simple bowl of oranges in the kitchen can make your space look brighter. Floral patterns can make spaces look cheery, so don’t be shy when incorporating them into your home. Whether natural, painted, or printed, there is no such thing as too many flowers. 

Decorate your house any way you like to make it the perfect summer getaway without leaving your home!