With more cold and snowy weather expected to make its way to the Billings area over the next several days, here are a few recommendations to prepare your home for a safe, warm winter when indoors. 

The National Weather Service and the NOAA advise homeowners to inspect their chimneys and insulate the attic as well as any exposed pipes. Install or test smoke alarms with carbon monoxide detectors and battery backups. It is also a good idea to clean out the rain gutters and gather any needed supplies and store them in the garage.

State Farm Insurance: Simple Insights gives tips on preparing for winter inside the home in areas used the most. For windows that are not double paned or storm windows. Plastic film window sheet kits help to keep rooms in the home warmer and can be picked up at a local hardware store. Other ways to keep rooms warm are by hanging up curtains or replacing the windows with storm windows. 

AAA Living suggests inspecting the trees of the surrounding home. Branches growing over certain areas of the home may cause damage if there is too much snow or ice buildup. Look for any dead branches or limbs that are susceptible to breaking. Take a look at your home insurance policy to ensure coverage for weather-related issues, like frozen plumbing and house damage from snow and ice weight or water leakage from the roof. 

Make sure to have the proper supplies outside, too, like a snow shovel, salt spreader, ice pick, and gas for generators for snow plows. Stay safe and warm in your home all winter long by keeping these tips in mind for the season.