Moving is stressful enough without thinking about potential scammers making it even more difficult. In honor of National Moving Month, the Better Bussiness Bureau provides tips for an easy move and awareness of unethical business practices in the moving industry.

Some movers in the nation have fallen victim to one moving scam nightmare: moving trucks hold consumers’ things for random, demanding they are given more money to get their things back.

Rebecca Barr with the Better Bussiness Bureau says another issue people have when moving is the communication between the mover and the moving company. It may be easy to get a hold of companies when a job is available, but contacting them during a move can become difficult. 

Last October, a family moving from Oregon to Billings, Montana was charged more than 8,000 dollars to move their things and still have no idea where their belongings are. The two moving companies they were using, Alliance and Flash moving, refused to tell the family where their things were. It also became incredibly difficult to get a hold of them. When reaching out to Alliance via email, their message came back as undeliverable. 

Statistics show that many people moving in 2020-2021 are relatively young, meaning they could be inexperienced movers not knowing how moving companies operate or what information they need. This can make young people more prone to moving scams.

The best form of defense to make sure scams like these do not happen on your moving day is to prepare yourself ahead of time by researching reputable moving companies, getting pricing information, and any other questions. It is also good to look up licensing information for moving companies and ensure they are valid. When on a moving company’s website, find their contact information and licensing number.
You can also research moving companies at the Better Business Bureau’s website, with complaints and reviews on other people’s experiences with certain companies.

If you experience a moving scam, report it at the BBB scam tracker or file an official complaint against the moving company. If you deal with a trustworthy company, leave a review for others to see it is a reputable source.