Updates for the Skyline trail have been added. The city of Billings and the Federal Highway Administration signed off on the BUILD Grant on July 28. 

The grant award was announced in 2021, but the city still needed to get the right-of-way for portions of the Inner Belt Loop, another funded project on top of the Skyline Trail. The TrailNet needed approval for additional project details from the Federal Highway Administration.

Now that funding is secured, the project can officially begin! Billings must now bid for the Skyline Trail and the Inner Belt Loop with an included trail in August or September. After bidding, the Federal Highway Administration has 60 days to approve the successful bid, and construction for the trails can start.

The Skyline Trail and the Inner Belt Loop will highlight Billings’ Rimrocks, or the Rims, as locals call them. The Skyline Trail will connect Swords Park and Zimmerman Park, two major parks in Billings. The trail provides a beautiful city view and runs from the Billings Logan International Airport alongside Highway 3, ending at Zimmerman Road. The Skyline Trail has been developing for five years and will be completed in 2023. 

Billings TrailNet is also unveiling their newest trail, the BBWA Canal Connection Trail, with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 17 at 11 am at Woody Drive and Solomon Avenue. There will be free ice cream and a .27-mile race where individuals can run, walk or enjoy watching from the side; special prizes are awarded to the race winners. Executive Director of the TrailNet, Kristi Drake, said she’s already seeing people enjoy the trail when riding through herself. 

The trail system in Billings is indeed expanding to cater to more citizens and shows all that Billings has to offer for newcomers!