September 21 is National Chai Day, a day dedicated to celebrating this delicious drink known to have health benefits for the body. National Today says the day officially started in 2018 to celebrate this amazing drink.

Masala chai, translated to mixed spice tea, is the kind many know and love, served in coffee shops or stored in kitchen pantries. The drink has a multitude of health benefits that go with it. The black pepper and ginger help digestion, and cinnamon promotes a healthy heart and lungs. Cardamon helps boost your mood, and cloves can help relieve abdominal pain. 

Chai was founded by Somrus, the world’s first line of Indian Liquor. It can be enjoyed hot, iced, or in a food dish. The drink dates back to more than 5,000 years ago and was used for medical reasons and served to royalty. The earliest version of chai was a combination of spices with no tea leaves. The drink is typically made with ginger cloves, cardamom, black pepper, and cinnamon. Over the years, chai has become loved by people across the globe and is enjoyed in various forms. It can even be used as a natural laxative when taken in large amounts.

The drink is even good for the skin, helping with inflammation, and can soothe skin irritations from acne and eczema. It also enhances blood flow around the skin and boosts the skin’s glow. It also improves brain functions, relieves stress, relaxes the body, and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

To celebrate National Chai day, hit up your favorite coffee shop; they are bound to have chai tea to try out. Try brewing your own chai tea by combining a teaspoon of spice and adding water. Enjoy it with friends and family, whether you make your chai or buy it. Sit at a table and chat or watch a movie together. 

Whatever you do, take a sip from this delicious, beneficial drink that’s been around for centuries!