Updated at 3:01 p.m. on 7/22/2022:

The Billings Fire Department concluded their work containing an ammonia leak from the Centennial Ice Arena and cleared the scene Friday afternooon. Crews walked through the the arena to check for ammonia levels througohut the building.

An ammonia leak at the Centennial Ice Arena in Billings Heights led to an evacuation of Two Moon Park, which is right next to the arena. The Billings Fire Department responded after an alarm in the building alerted them of the leak.

The bike path behind the ice arena and Two Moon park are no reopened to the public.

PIO officer for the City of Billings, Victoria Hill, says the issue has been contained, and there is no threat to the public or surrounding structures in the area. The HAZMAT team for the Billings Fire Department located the ammonia leak and successfully shut off the valve.

The Fire Department determined dangerous levels of ammonia are still present inside the arena. Ammonia is used to create ice in the arena and keeps it from melting. Jason Lyon, Batallion Chief, says the amount of ammonia in the areas is reasonably small and stored in a closed system. No one was inside the building when the alarm went off.

Hill also says a standby crew stayed at the location overnight to ensure no one entered the area. HAZMAT Teams will be back Friday morning to continue their mitigation efforts. Two Moon Park and the bike bath behind the Ice area remain closed.

Check back for updates on the situation Friday morning as it develops.