Feline fans will love the Cat Show Cat Cafe in Bozeman, Montana! The mission at the only cat cafe in Montana is to provide a fun, safe and exciting community space for Bozeman residents who may need their feline fix and can interact with like-minded cat people. 

The non-profit organization is a partnership with the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. The space acts as a foster home for cats that may be harder to adopt and are in care at the Heart of the Valley. The cafe gives them space to be themselves in a stable, comfortable environment. All donations to the Cat Show Cat Cafe go to caring for the cats and upkeeps the space as they try to find them forever home. 

Cat Show Cat Cafe is a nonprofit that works with local animal shelters to help rehome the cats (Photo credit: Cat Show Cat Cafe).

Well-behaved children ages 10 and up only are allowed and must be accompanied by an adult. There must be one adult per child, and both requirements are strictly enforced. If you have a chance to make it to Cat Show Cafe, there are a few rules to follow before your visit.

To have the best experience at the cafe, be gentle when petting the cats and be mindful of their body language—pet at your own risk. Wash your hands before entering the cafe to avoid spreading any illnesses to the cats. This helps to ensure these adorable felines are happy and healthy. Use hand sanitizer after visiting the cafe. 

Every cat inside the cafe are looking for their forever homes. Stop by and you may find your next pet! (Credit: Cat Show Cat Cafe).

No outside dogs are cats are allowed in the Cat show Cat Cafe. Having foreign animals in the space can stress the cats out, and they cannot show their true selves. Guests are also asked not to bring outside treats, toys, or food to the cafe. Treats and toys for the cats are already provided. Adults supervising children’s interactions at the cafe must ensure they are respectful to the cats and the space; no running or jumping on furniture. No tail pulling, rough petting, or yelling at the cats is allowed. 

Make your reservations today for the Cat Show Cat Cafe and stop by for a bite to eat too! The Cat Cafe is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. They are also opened on Sunday from noon to 4 pm.