After an annual hiatus, The Western Heritage Center reopens Mar 4 with new exhibits to see.

According to a press release sent out by the heritage center, there will be three brand new exhibits to choose from.

One of the exhibits is titled Sewn Together: Stories from the Museum’s Clothing Collection. Cecelia Gavinsky is the Collections Manager for the Western heritage center. She says this exhibit highlights historical pieces with more than 25 pieces to look at. It has vintage military uniforms, wedding apparel and high-fashion pieces from the 1920s and other eras. The exhibit is fascinating to see fashion pieces once popular in Montana.

The second exhibit is called Avis Marvelous: Ornithology on the Western Frontier. 1776-1896. It will include Lee Silliman lithographs and taxidermy exhibits from the Montana Audubon Center. The heritage center also collaborated with Montana Audubon and ZooMontana to provide community education programs surrounding knowledge of birds, art and nature.

One of the lithographs from the Avis Marvelous exhibit at the Western Heritage Center.

The Beartooth Highway: Building the most beautiful road in America is the third exhibit borrowed from the Carbon County Historical Society. The exhibit explores the rich history behind the engineering of the highway. It will be a popup banner exhibit with twelve panels to look at.

The heritage center has another exhibit shown through the summer, Conquering diseases of the past. The research exhibit goes over the efforts Yellowstone County made in earlier decades to fight infectious diseases such as influenza, polio, and smallpox.

Visit the National heritage Center’s website for more information or call 406-256-6809.