Thanksgiving is only days away but can residents in the Billings area expect snow while gathered around the table with loved ones? Yourbigsky has the answer. 

Forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Billings predict a slight chance of snow for Turkey day. There is a 20% chance of snow on November 34, a low of 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and winds of 13 miles per hour. November 24 should be partly sunny with a high of almost 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds are expected to be anywhere between 13 – 18 miles per hour and may pick up to 22 mph later in the afternoon.

NWS has averages of Thanksgiving climatology from 1934-2022. The high temperatures from 1991-2020 were 42 degrees, a low of 24 degrees, and an average temperature of 33 degrees. The snowfall average on Thanksgiving is considerably low by less than an inch of snow. 

Just because there is no snow predicted for Thanksgiving day this year does not mean snow has not touched the ground on Thanksgiving in the past. The snowiest Thanksgiving on record was in 1962, with around six inches of snow. There were 3.8 inches in 1976 and 2.3 inches in 1975 and 1964, and slightly over an inch in 1965. 

Some Thanksgivings from the past were a bit colder than normal. The average temp for November 24 in 1985 was negative nine degrees. In 1950 the average temperature was 2 degrees, and five degrees in 1993. Ten degrees was the average temperature in 1964; in 2015, the average temperature was 11 degrees.

The warmest highs in the past on Thanksgiving have been a little toasty. In 2017, the high for the day was 71 degrees, 66 in 1998, and 61 in 1954 and 1995. Sixty degrees was the warmest high, which was in 1949. 

Overall, it should be quite manageable if snow does end up on the ground while preparing your Thanksgiving feast.