Fitness is proven to help keep you healthy and in shape, but what are the most popular group workout classes? Yourbigsky has the answer by calling around local fitness groups in Billings to see their popular classes.

Fuel Fitness says one of its most attended classes is cycling, Zumba, and power. The fitness center has plenty of other classes to choose from, including Yoga sessions focusing on improving the mind and body. Their Oula classes are fun, and high-energy dance workouts fit for any age.

Peter Vanderloos with Black Orchid says some of their most attended classes are their hot yoga sessions and their Yoga Shape classes with weights. Their cycling classes are also growing in popularity, with sold-out classes weeks in advance. Black Orchid typically sees about four to five new people attending classes daily. Peter also adds that they strive to bring guests a wonderful experience from the minute they come in to the minute they leave. They want everyone who comes to their classes to feel welcome and comfortable. He adds that anybody belongs there if they choose to stay.

Bethany Joy Pilates in downtown Billings has three classes available. Bethany tells yourbigsky that the most popular attended class is her reformer class, a blend of classic and contemporary pilates exercises. Other classes offered at Bethany Joy Pilates include Chair and Jumpboard classes. Full pilates equipment is available at the studio, with private sessions available too.

Dawn with Club Pilates says their most popular class is Reformer Flow. These classes help strengthen the body and work on balance and coordination. Club Pilates has five other classes to choose from, all helping to keep the body in great shape. Dawn adds that there is no age cut-off, but many of those attending the classes are women 35 and older. There has also been an uptick in college students attending classes.

With pilates and yoga becoming a rising workout for groups, Try any of these amazing local facilities for a one-of-a-kind experience!