You may have seen new kava bars popping up around Billings which begs the question – what is kava? 

According to the National Institute of Health, kava is a plant-based medicine derived from a pepper plant found in the western and southern Pacific Islands. Pacific islanders have used kava for medicinal and ritual purposes for over 1,000 years. Other common names for kava include kawa, ava root, ava pepper, and kava kava. 

Kava is usually enjoyed as a tea but can also be taken as an extract or supplement. Several research studies have found that kava may help with generalized anxiety disorder. Some believe that kava can help relieve stress and help with pain and insomnia. One study found that participants with moderate to severe anxiety had a pronounced effect from kava in a larger dose.

However, more research must be conducted to test the effectiveness of kava and anxiety or other health conditions. High doses of kava can have negative effects on the liver and kidneys. It can also cause dizziness and headaches if not taken correctly. In severe cases, high doses of kava can lead to kava dermopathy, a skin condition that causes dry, flaky skin with yellow discoloration. 

Kava contains prone constituents that can be harmful to the body for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. While kava can be a drink with potential health benefits, it is best to drink kava with water to avoid becoming dehydrated or nauseous. Kava is described as having an earthy taste.

The kava bars in Billings are extremely mindful of their customers when ingesting kava, helping to ensure a positive experience with the drink. Curious about giving it a try? Stop by any of the Kava bars in Billings for a unique social experience!