With changing leaves and cooler temps just around the corner, this leads to thinking about when snow will start to hit the ground. Can past snowfall help predict when it will arrive in Billings?

The National Weather Service in Billings predicts normal snowfall for 2022, averaging about 55 inches throughout the rest of the season. The average first snowfall in Billings usually happens sometime in October. Meteorologists predict snow could hit the Billings area in about a month between October 9-14. The amount of snowfall is predicted to be less than an inch—so there is no need to break out the winter coats and boots just yet.

Snow does not typically hit Billings in September, but that doesn’t mean it never happens. Roughly five inches of snow occurred in September about 20 years ago. In 1941, the Billings area received about six inches of snow for the month. In 1984, the city saw about nine inches of snow in September. In 2019, less than an inch of snow fell for the month. 

Billings had an above-average snowfall in 2017-2018 that doubled the average at 106 inches for the season. 2013-2014 also had an above-average snowfall, with a total of 103 inches of snow recorded. Last year, Billings residents experienced a slightly above normal winter, with the total snowfall increasing to about 62 inches. 2015-2016 had an average of about 28 inches of snow for the season, significantly below the normal average.

Thankfully, predictions for 2022 are nothing crazy, which could make for a mild winter.