Compared to 2021, wildfires in Montana have remained less frequent during the summer, but that does not mean the possibility of a large wildfire is unlikely. Predictive services from the National Interagency Fire Center have a potential outlook for fire activity for each geographical area of the United States.

Montana is part of the Northern Rockies geographical area. July has a normal significant fire potential and an above-normal potential for August and September. October is predicted to go back to the normal potential for fire activity. A rather cool and wet spring going into June kept many portions of Montana drought-free, while north-central Montana remains relatively dry. However, no extensive fire activity occurred in June; the fires that did happen were no more than a few acres. 

The Climate Prediction Center predicts slightly warmer conditions in June through September for most of Montana. Conditions during this period may have below-normal precipitation in the southern part of Montana. August and September will remain warmer and drier than average. These warm and dry conditions should diminish in the fall, putting the area back to normal potential for fire activity.

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