Many residents in the Billings area may be wondering whether they can expect snow on Christmas. The National Weather Service in Billings released their predictions determining if there will be a “white” Christmas this year.

Billings usually has a white Christmas about 49% of the time. The likelihood of snow on Christmas is about 50/50 chance. In order to have a white Christmas, there must be at least an inch of snow on the ground at five am on Christmas morning. Snow measurements are taken at the Billings Logan International Airport. In 2021, Billings did have white Christmas, with only ten happening over the last 14 years.

The warmest Christmas in Billings was 56 degrees Fahrenheit in 2005. The coldest lows on  Christmas were negative 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal temperatures on December 25 are between 18 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The average snowfall on Christmas is roughly .4 inches. As far as snow depth, there were over nine inches of snow on Christmas day in 1984 and 1978. The most snowfall on Christmas was roughly four and a half inches in 1965. The least amount of snowfall was less than an inch in 2015 and 2017.

NWS lists some of the snowiest days in the area, with data from 1934 to 2022. The Magic City received close to four inches in 1996 and over two inches in 1988 and 2018. In 2016, there were nearly two inches of snow on the ground. Some of the coldest average temperatures for December 25 were negative 11 degrees in 1996, negative 9 degrees in 1983, zero degrees in 2017, 1 degree in 1944, and 2 degrees in 1934.

The warmest average temperature on Christmas was 42 degrees in 1957, 1993, and 1994 and 43 degrees in 1979. Some of the warmest temperatures on December 25 were 54 degrees in 1993 and 52 degrees in 1979, 1994, and 1999.

Check the weather the day before Christmas to see the chances of having snow over the holiday!