The winter season at Yellowstone National Park starts December 15, and park officials remind guests to stay safe when visiting.

The parks news release lists the top things to know for visitors during the colder months.  The annual winter season typically starts in mid-December and through mid-March. Most roads to park begin to open up in April.

A majority of roads in the park are closed to automobiles, except for the north and northeast entrances of the park, weather permitting. Traveling on the park’s roads is typically done by commercially guided snowmobiles and snow coaches or the non-commercial guided snowmobile program. If you plan on driving to the park, check the road status before leaving. 

Temperatures can range from zero to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and with sub-zero temperatures at night and at higher altitudes. Be sure to pack the proper clothing and equipment that will keep you warm when visiting. Services are limited in the park since most facilities are closed for the winter. Check to see the operating hours for restaurants, visitor centers, warming huts, etc. The boardwalks tend to be slippery this time of year, so be sure to wear traction aids on your boots or shoes when visiting.

For those wanting to see the Old Faithful geyser, there are several guided trips offered in the winter. Always respect wildlife and do not approach them directly. The best way to see these majestic animals is through binoculars, a spotting scope, or a telephoto lens. Stay at least 100 yards from wolves and bears in the park. Stay at least 25 yards away from all other wildlife.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge is the only winter lodging area in the park due to the historic flooding event that happened in the summer of 2022. Try to make reservations in advance to ensure there is room. No campgrounds in the park are open during the winter. Nearby communities also have lodging areas available as well. 

See the wonders of Yellowstone National Park during the holidays this year! Click here for additional resources and alerts during your stay.