The 2022 Wolf regulations were passed by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks after a temporary restraining order was lifted. The news release says a lawsuit against FEP denied the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction, challenging wolf management. 

The case judge recently issued a temporary restraining order that expired on Tuesday. The restraining order reverted wolf regulations to the 2020 trapping and hunting season. The lawsuit is still ongoing, despite the denied plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction. Wolf season is now open across the state, as defined in the 2022 hunting regulations, and includes Wolf Management Unit (WMU) 313, which borders an area north of Yellowstone National Park. 

Wolf trapping remains closed in areas with occupied grizzly bear habitat. Bear activity is high in many areas where bears enter their winter dens. Areas with high bear activity are closed until the activity decreases or until December 31. FWP staff assess bear activity weekly and many open areas for trapping if there is low bear activity. 

So far this season, 70 wolves have been harvested. All trapping districts, including WMU 313, are still open. Numbers are updated between 11 am to 1 pm. The general hunting season ends on March 15, 2023. 

For wolf hunting, baiting is legal, but restrictions apply in Lynx Protection zones. Hunting on private lands outside of daylight hours is allowed using artificial light, thermal imaging, or night vision scopes. Night hunting on public land is not allowed. For trapping, snares are considered a lawful method of trapping and are permitted on private and public lands. It is not allowed on public land with Lynx protection zones.
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