Four-time world’s strongest man competitor, Josh Thigpen, is making an appearance in Billings at Wilson’s Iron Barn Gym for the Rocky Mountain Strongman Championship starting June 11.

A flyer for the Strongman Championship in Billings, Montana.

According to the press release from Wilson’s Iron Barn Gym, the competition will determine the state record for the strongest man and woman in Montana for overhead pressing log. Other categories at the event include Farmer’s Walk, deadlift ladder, and 850 Super york carry. More than thirty men and women will compete in the Strongman competition. Competitors come from Montana, Texas. North Dakota and Wyoming.  

Strongman is a sports competition that shows strength using non-traditional equipment like giant stones, logs, chains, sandbags, farmer carry handles, and axle bars. Athletes move this heavy equipment, focusing on reps, distance, and speed. The competition mainly focuses on high-intensity interval training with elements of strength and endurance. Strongman focuses on moving things as fast as they can during the competition. 

Be sure to come out and support competitors and find out who will be the winner of the Strongman competition, and get a chance to see the world’s Professional Strongman himself!

Wilson’s Iron Barn will be the home for the powerlifting competition at the 2022 Big Sky State Games. Those interested in competing can register online until July 10, and the competition starts Sunday, July 17. 

Opening ceremonies for the Big Sky State Games starts July 1 at Daylis Stadium. Show your support for all the outstanding athletes participating in the games and see the ceremonial torch lighting as well as the Montana Mile from runners across the state.