Yellowstone National Park turned 150 years old during the first week of March.

The official website for Yellowstone National Park says it became the first national park in 1872, after it was signed into law by former Presidents Ulysses S. Grant to preserve Yellowstone’s diverse environment.  

It has over 2 million acres and stretches throughout Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It is known to be one of the largest and last natural ecosystems on Earth.

Yellowstone national park is famous for their hydrothermal sites and natural geysers. One of the most popular geysers in the park is called “Old Faithful” that erupts roughly every half hour to an hour and a half. The park also has over 20 sites and landmarks that are on the National register of historic places.

More than 20 Native American Tribes have a deep connection with the park. Tribes relied on Yellowstone well before it became a national park. They relied on the land for food and a place to live. They also used the hydrothermal waters for medicinal purposes.

Since the park was established, it had its fair share of hardships. Many predators of the land were killed by the government and brought the bison population down to less than a dozen in the 1800’s. Over 30 years ago, a fire ignited from an unlit cigarette and burned down more than a third of the park. Thankfully, the park is at a place now where it is the healthiest it has ever been.  

The number of visitors for the park over the last five years are the most visitors recorded in Yellowstone’s history. The park recorded over 44 million visitors last year making it a record-breaking number.

In honor of Yellowstone’s birthday, the park is holding fun events throughout the year and will even hold virtual gatherings so others who cannot make it to the park physically can still take in the park’s wonderful landscapes.

Visit Yellowstone National Park’s website for more information and events tailored around this celebration.