The south loop of Yellowstone National Park reopened Wednesday morning after record-breaking floods damaged roads entering the park.

Yellowstone National Park’s news release says cars entering through the south, east and west entrances of the park did cause traffic back up but cleared out as the day went on. During this time of year, the park sees more than 10,000 vehicles enter, but there were less than 5,000 vehicles on Wednesday.

Staff who monitored traffic throughout the day reported there was light to medium activity in most areas of the park. One of the busiest areas of the park, the Norris Geyser Basin, had reported having light activity in the area as well.

Cam Sholly, superintendent for Yellowstone National Park, said the license plate system designed to regulate visitors in the park did its job by cutting traffic counts in half. Only a few vehicles had to turn around for having the wrong license plate.

“As we’ve discussed with our community partners, we will monitor this together and make adjustments if necessary,” Sholly said. “We’re happy to have visitors back in Yellowstone and appreciate the patience of the public and community partners as we continue working through this difficult situation.” 

Park officials expect traffic backups to be the highest in the morning when guests enter but should return to normal by mid-day. Visitors should expect traffic congestion for several miles on the South and West Entrances.

For updated information or to learn more about the interim visitor entry system, click here.